Pimples, Zits, Spots used to be the bane of my life.

¨No, no..no! Why now?!¨ glancing at my watch I patted my face with a cottonball. With slippery fingers, I grabbed the foundation again to try and cover the zit located in the middle of my chin.  ¨Ding dong¨, grimacing sidelong in the hall mirror I crossed my fingers while opening the front door. Would he notice…?

For years people kept telling me that oily skin keeps your face looking young. Would have been great as I sure could use some benefit after all these agonising years. I recently turned fifty and I´m glad to say, I´ve finally, FINALLY, found a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne outbreaks. Since I was nineteen I´ve tried just about every product available at pharmacies, homegrown remedies, and doctor´s treatments. They did work…for a short time. But… then it all came back with a vengeance ☹.


I followed every recommendation on how to treat oily skin to avoiding acne flare-ups. Followed every instruction on eating healthy and exercises but nothing was helping. Cleansing my skin twice a day just made it very dry, even with the gentle products. Trying to hide it with make-up was a disaster. An hour later I felt a thick greasy hateful mask on my face that even I was afraid to touch. Numerous times, too many to count I ended with oily residue in my hair, on my clothes and study books. So finally, I just stopped wearing makeup to avoid aggravating my skin. This was driving me nuts, forget about looking in the mirror, just a quick run through combing my hair. It was just too depressing to look at my scars, blemishes, zits, spots, pimples…whatever.

All those instructions on what type of acids to check, what astringent products to avoid, how to keep my face clean. It was just hogwash and frustrating. I meant the information and process are correct but it just wasn´t working for me.

¨Yippy! ¨

I finally a solution. A combination of products that works for me. My skin looks and feels better than when I was nineteen, no kidding. One of the products I started using is the Aloe Vera scrub. I was pretty skeptical but after three years it still works! I occasionally get a few spots (especially after snacking on chocolate😊) but they don´t turn into full blown pimples anymore. Instead of having spots for a whole week on my face, it is already reduced the next day and disappears the following day. My oily skin is a thing of the past, no more worrying about not touching my face. Scars and blemishes have over the last couple of years become less noticeable making my skin look and feel healthier, now I don´t even need make-up to cover my skin.

I buy the Forever Aloe Vera tube of 99 gr at the current retail price of €20.33. Some find this expensive but when I compare it to what I used to buy from the pharmacy, for example, the Bioderma Acne at €9.78 (on sale), which would last me 3 weeks to a month, I still end up being cheaper off.

  • First, I can use the Aloe Vera scrub twice daily without it drying out my skin too much, can´t say the same for other products.
  • Second, a tube will last me approximately 3 months.
  • End result!, I get the result I want, save heaps of money and I only need to buy it every 3 months, what more do I want?

Want to give it a try? Check it here.

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