New Zealand a country not to be missed

Thinking about moving to New Zealand without a job, think again. New Zealand (NZ) is a scenic, awe-inspiring country with magnificent lush natural greenery and stupefying mountainous landscapes. Living in NZ is absolutely worth the experience but…..there are a lot of obstacles one can end up facing.

If you are considering moving to New Zealand, it pays to do some (better said a lot of) research prior to leaving. If you want to emigrate you will need to apply for a visa.

How can you qualify for a Visa?

You can check the New Zealand immigration site for which visa you’re eligible. There are a variety of visas i.e. Skilled Migrant Category visa or Work to Residence visa, Temporary Work visa, Working Holiday visa, Seasonal Work visa, Silver Fern visas, etc. To qualify for certain work permits, you would have to find a job first.

What can you do with your qualifications and skills?

Get your qualifications and credentials professionally translated. If your qualifications are to be evaluated than the New Zealand Qualifications Authority can assist

Be prepared that this could take six months and may be expensive because papers have to be verified and original documentation including certificates and assessments could be requested. A standard application costs approximately $750,-.

Please note that the Department of Immigration and the Department of Labour do not work together, which can cause some frustrations. The Department of Emigration considers only the highest qualifications, while the Department of Labour recognizes the lowest qualifications. (This happens in every country).

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I learned from experience not be afraid to start first with a lower level job because once youve got a job it becomes a lot easier to get a job better suited to your qualifications.

Advertisements for new jobs decline in November. Jobs get put on hold between December/January. It is an annual seasonal trend of the labour market activity easing as the end of year approaches. Because it isn’t worth to take on new staff, applications are only considered after the big holiday period. Hiring new staff pre-Christmas makes employers liable for the Christmas/Boxing Day and 2 New Year’s public holidays, plus Wellington (Wgtn) and Auckland (Akld) have their Anniversary days in January. Also, some companies have compulsory Xmas shutdown, forcing new staff into immediate debt through having to take paid leave they haven’t accrued yet.

Are your skills in demand?

Industries or skill shortages in New Zealand include:

  • Construction Equipment
  • ICT
  • healthcare
  • Tourism
  • Business & Finance
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Education
  • Science

No worries if you live outside New Zealand.

Here are a few online options available. Check them out:



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